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Executive Insights
Expressions of Interest for Scholarships for PhD candidates

The API is passionate about connecting Australia’s future teaching and research leaders to the insights of Australia’s power sector industry leaders on the strategic challenges and opportunities for the sector and how to approach these issues from a leadership mindset.

Fortunately we have a program that makes this possible – our new Executive Insights online modules linked to the annual API Summer School; the Executive Insights program features CEO and senior executives from the API’s Governor member organizations who provide high level insights to the challenges and opportunities facing the sector and the methods and mindset to use when developing solutions. These insights then define the focus of work by the next generation of power sector leaders at the API’s Summer School – participants in the live School work in groups to develop a written Board Briefing in response to a Challenges posed by our Executive Insights speakers, and share their brief in a live and webcast presentation at the Summer School.

These presentations and the written Briefs are shared with our 50+ Powerful Women Program Early Career stream participants, 100+ API Bursary students, graduates at API member organisations, and the academic community, with further opportunities for discussion and feedback.

The API is exploring offering 20x $1000 scholarships for PhD candidates and Early Career Academics at Australian universities to participate in the online-only modules of the Executive Insights program in 2023.

Valued at $1100+, we are asking for a contribution of $100 (inc GST) by the host institution.

Register your interest here

(note this is not an application for the scholarship, but an indication of interest only).


Participants in the Executive Insights online modules gain access to:

  1. Live and recorded sessions with 12x executives

  2. Opportunity to submit questions to the executives prior to and during the sessions (using

  3. Opportunity to view (via webinar) the responses to the challenges posed by the Executives shared by the next generation of power sector leaders as part of the presentations from the Summer School.

  4. Review the written Board Briefings from the Summer School participants

  5. Submit questions to the syndicate project groups

  6. Q&A with the project groups

  7. Executive Insights LinkedIn group 2023 with opportunities to connect and network with other participants who are exploring the same issues and themes from the executives.


Learning and career outcomes for participants in the Executive Insights online program:

  1. A deeper knowledge of the strategic challenges and opportunities for the sector, from the perspective of 12x industry executives and the circumstances of their organisations within the broader transformation of Australia’s electricity and energy systems.

  2. Access to thinking from a pool of 40-50 mid career emerging leaders in industry (who attend the API Summer School) who will dig deeply into the topics raised by the Execs, including identifying ….. and will share the outcomes of their small-group deliberations in a written Board Brief and verbal presentation.

  3. Opportunities to participate in online written and verbal discussions with others about the issues raised and actions proposed in response.

  4. Stronger networks with industry professionals

  5. Stronger understanding of the key challenges and opportunities for industry, enabling better alignment of research and teaching with

  6. Experience in how industry leaders and executives define and communicate key issues.

  7. Observation of industry practices in developing Board-level Briefs in response to challenges from senior executives seeking actionable insights and recommendations.

  8. Access to information on skills development recommendations that can influence your own professional development plans and your teaching activities.