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Zahra Rahimpour

Renewable and Distributed Energy Researcher

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Zahra Rahimpour


I am a Renewable and Distributed Energy Researcherat UNSW. The focus of my research is on the technical and economic impacts of distributed energy resources on electricity networks using data analysis and pattern recognition techniques. Recently, I have submitted my PhD thesis in electrical engineering. During my PhD and master's degrees at the University of Sydney, I studied how buildings' envelopes can be exploited as a storage system and used with rooftop PV systems to reduce the electricity cost of householders while offering them comfortable indoor temperature. Before joining the University of Sydney, I worked for ten years as a power transformer design engineer. This included three years at Ampcontrol transformers in Newcastle and seven years at in Iran Transfo Corporation in Iran. As a power transformer design engineer, I designed oil-type electrical transformers for transmission and distribution electricity networks and dry-type transformers for the mining sector of Australia. During my work experience in both Iran and Australia, I always was the only woman in the engineering team.


Creativity, problem-solving, hardworking, attention to detail, always ready to take on new challenges, and thinking out of the box!

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