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Siphephile (Pep) Ngwenya

Engineering Team Leader


Growing up I always wanted to either be a doctor or an engineer. I never gave it much thought then as to why I wanted to be one but I suppose the engineers I knew looked like really smart people who fixed things and the doctors fixed people. The economic situation in my birth country made it difficult to go to university so I settled for an Apprenticeship instead.

After relocating to Australia as a technician the passion for being an engineer was re-ignited. Since I was already working in the power industry, choosing a degree in Electrical Power and Renewable energy was an easy choice.

Siphephile (Pep) Ngwenya


I am a Senior Design engineer for Western Power working in the customer solutions team. My day to day role involves providing distribution network design solutions to enable customer connections to the grid. My skillsets include distribution networks, overhead line design, earthing, substation design and interpretation of various standards to influence a design solution. I started my career as a Utility Electrician having completed an electrical power apprenticeship in a utility power company overseas.When I arrived in Australia, I worked in Transmission Substations as a maintenance technician. I later enrolled at uni and completed my BEng (hons) Electrical Power and Renewable energy whilst working full time and during that same period gave birth to my youngest son and also raised his older brother.  I am a STEM mentor volunteer for Western Power's STEM program for primary schools.


Technical: Distribution Design, Earthing, Interpretation of standards to provide a design solution, Overhead line design, Stakeholder engagement, Team collaboration, Results and Solution Oriented, Resilience, Good work ethic, Mentoring.

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