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Rebecca Harvey

Lead Engineer - Regulatory and Emerging Technology


I really enjoyed the STEM subjects at school, so engineering seemed like a natural fit for me. However, I didn't really know what type of engineering I wanted to do. After school, I had a traineeship as a CAD drafter at a contracting distribution lines design company. I really enjoyed the work, so enrolled in my electrical engineering studies part-time externally through USQ, so I guess you could say I did my degree the hard way.

Towards the end of my degree, I needed to get further engineering industry experience, and applied to be part of Ergon Energy's vacation program. I loved my vacation placement, and it allowed me to move back to my family and hometown of Rockhampton. While on placement, I found a team in Ergon who supported me for my final year thesis topic (modelling of SWER networks), and was fortunate to be offered a position in Ergon's graduate program.

I’ve recently completed my Master of Professional Engineering Leadership from Griffith University. As a CPEng, I was able to get course credits towards this degree. As part of the MPEL, I was able to complete some modules from Griffith's MBA program, which leaves the door open for me to maybe do my MBA one-day in the future. I've found the program excellent and has set my up with some of the engineering leadership thinking and strategies required to progress my career.

Rebecca Harvey


I have recently taken up the position of Lead Engineer – Regulatory and Emerging Technology, within the Network Operations team at Energy Queensland (EQL). This role is responsible for leading key strategic operational initiatives within the Network Operations space, including reviewing and updating our Under Frequency Load Shed (UFLS) schemes, manual/rotational load shed schemes and system restart plans in conjunction with AEMO and Powerlink. I also provide feedback to regulatory consultations, and consider how emerging technologies (such as battery storage systems) may impact or influence the way we operate the network at EQL. I will be developing the strategy for how we operate the network for the future.

I commenced my engineering journey as a Graduate at Ergon Energy (part of Energy Queensland), and I gained experience across the areas of forecasting, planning, line standards, operations, test, commissioning, and operational technology.

I've been in the Network Operations space since 2015, with a 12-month secondment in our engineering commissioning team in 2018/19 where I commissioned the connection assets and associated secondary systems (protection and control) upgrades for a 75MW solar farm connection in central Queensland.


Working collaboratively with a range of staff and stakeholders; Delivery of complex objectives/ resolution of complex problems; Reliable and timely delivery of results; Network modelling and analysis; Clear communication of complex engineering concepts to operators, technicians, managers, and external customers.

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