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Pratiksha Chuttar

Graduate Electrical Engineer


I've always had a passion to serve my community in a sustainable way. Growing up, I was aware of the inequailty of the access to electricty, and the ability electrcity has to better one's quality of life. I was also drawn to renewable energy and it's ability to provide a sustainable future. Electrical engineergng was then an obvious choice of study, with maths and physics being some of my favourite subjects in high school. However, I didn't want to be defined as "just an engineer". I wanted to use my creativity and empathy in another way, so I decided to pair the electrical engineering degree with a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation. This degree has helped me develop my ability to solve complex problems, and empathise with stakeholders.

Pratiksha Chuttar


Having graduated from a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Creative Intelligence and Innovation, I've been a part of the power industry for just over a year, working as a graduate at Transgrid. I have a great passion for serving the community and caring for the environment, so joining a utility that is committed to transforming the grid has been a great opportunity for me. I wish to continue my technical development, to become a useful contributor to the adoption of clean energy.


Communicating complex ideas in simple terms; Quick learner and will try to understand all the moving parts of an idea; Empathic leader; Solving systemic problems

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