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Miriam Maher

High Voltage Design Intern

Miriam Maher

WHO ARE THEY: I was born and raised in Sydney's inner west, and I've never really left that comfort zone until I started university and my internship role with Transgrid. I attended an all-girls high school which instilled in me an idea that the future of women in STEM would be bright, and that I would always be able to find women in my journey to rely on. But when I began my undergrad degree in electrical engineering, reality definitely set in. Being the only woman in a room became the new norm, and the isolation that experience often caused was and is my greatest challenge. Luckily, experience in the power industry has shown me a light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm reminded of that excitement I used to have in high school physics. The friendships and mentors I've found have been invaluable, and my greatest hope is that I can continue that by being a mentor for the next generation.

KEY STRENGTHS: Communication, leadership, presentation, curiosity.

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