Makenzie Moor

Mechanical Engineer


I don't think I have ever been able to look at anything without starting to try and make sense of how or why it works. I didn't know the word for this kind of thinking until I reached high school, where my school offered an engineering class in year 11 and 12. From that point, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to study.

During my degree I bounced around majors until I fell in love with aerospace engineering (what's cooler than figuring out rockets and planes, right?!). It wasn't until I landed a chance internship at an energy company that I realised that, while I will forever be a space fan, that I wanted to put my skills to use in a sector where I could be part of meaningful change.

Makenzie Moor


In my current role at Aurecon, I’m challenged on something new and exciting every day – from technical due diligence, to detailed engineering design, to energy modelling, to concept studies – all focussing on renewable energy generation, all types of energy storage and alternative fuels (such as hydrogen). I have had the pleasure of working the energy industry for 4 years now, during one of the most exciting times this industry faces in decarbonisation and electrification. I have technical, commercial, and operational experience in renewable energy, storage, hybrid microgrids and waste-to-energy generation. Before joining Aurecon I worked previously at EDL, where I worked mostly on their hybrid power stations. With this background in power generation, I'm working on now further diversifying my capabilities and technical knowledge in the consulting world. I love every part of being an engineer, particularly that our work is not possible without collaboration - something I thoroughly enjoy.

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