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Emily Shawsmith

Graduate Electrical Engineer


I started university in 2014 studying physics as I loved science in high school. I did not have a clear vision about my career when I enrolled in university but thought this was a good starting point as it appealed to my interests.I was very fortunate to receive a number of opportunities while studying physics to take on research projects, however I often found that these projects did not provide tangible and practical applications of the content I was studying. I became demotivated by my studies as time progressed and began to put less effort into my studies, resulting in a disconnect from my initial love of STEM.I then took a short break from university working casually, and very quickly realised I missed learning, but something needed to change. A few friends studying engineering recommended I give it a go. I was reluctant to pursue the challenge after my previous experience at university but felt this was the best time to try it out and push myself. I was also intrigued by the broad range of opportunities available specifically in electrical and power engineering, and the possible positive impact I could make through pursuing work in the energy sector. While I contemplated pursuing other passions and interests outside of STEM, I knew I felt most fulfilled being pushed out of my comfort zone and challenged to think, which led me to pursuing engineering.

Emily Shawsmith

WHO IS SHE: I am a second year graduate on the Energy Queensland graduate program in Brisbane. I finished my dual degree in engineering and physics during 2020 at the University of Queensland. While studying, I participated in research and industry programs in fields ranging from astrophysics and machine learning to oil and gas. I also was a tutor at UQ for many years, teaching first year science and engineering courses and developing learning material. I currently work in the south east network operations team. I have previously completed rotations in network planning and substation design. My time with Energy Queensland so far on the program has been incredibly rewarding.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my partner, puppy and family. I also love going to the gym, playing board games, and cooking.


Team work; Verbal and written communication; Analysing problems, ideas and solutions; Stakeholder engagement; A willingness to learn.

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