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Charlotte Thorpe

Mechanical Engineer in the Power and Generation team

Charlotte Thorpe

WHO ARE THEY: Hi, My name is Charlotte, and in mid-2021, I graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.

During University, I Interned WoodGroup PLC, a large oil and gas consultancy based in Britain with offices in Australia. Once I graduated, I moved to the Future Energy and Generations team, where we help deliver decarbonisation strategies.

In 2022 I eventually got offered a Job at Aurecon in the Power and Generation team. The works focus on Renewable Energy and Decarbonisation.

Although I am young, I have lots of career goals. I want to be an outspoken voice for the Energy transition. And believe together; we can fundamentally change our energy industries and society as a whole. Even though I'm still relatively new to my field, I believe I will be able to impact the future positively.

KEY STRENGTHS: passion, problem-solving skills, international experience, and vision for the future

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