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Caitlin Nicholas

Graduate Engineer


When I was in primary school, I wanted to be a teacher because I loved maths. This passion for STEM then developed into an interest in medicine. After watching Jharal Yow Yeh injure himself while playing NRL, I realised medicine wasn't for me. So, I flicked through my highschool career's book to figure out what I was going to do. I found engineering and chose it because it seemed to fit my love of maths, interest in practical challenges and passion for doing something meaningful. After my first year at uni, I transitioned into a double degree with mathematics because there wasn't enough math in electrical engineering. I am now studying a Master of Data Science because I love math, problem solving and analysis. I enjoy the challenge of trying to extract meaningful and accurate knowledge from data. I foresee that I will probably want to do a PhD in the future (likely with a focus on math / statistics / applied data science).

Caitlin Nicholas


I completed a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Statistical Sciences at QUT in 2019. After working as a Student Engineer at Energex and Ergon Energy Network, as part of Energy Queensland, I joined the 2020 Graduate Program. While working as a Graduate Engineer, I pioneered a model to predict the end of life for Ergon Energy Network's wooden power pole population. I am currently studying a Master of Science (Applied Data Science) and hope to use data to revolutionise the industry and its practices.


Data science, electrical engineering, problem solving, communication, strategy, learning mindset, challenge driven

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