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API Brand and Logo Requirements


Our logo is simple and made up of two elements, the symbol and wordmark. It should be used consistently to maintain the integrity of our brand. The relationship between these elements is fixed and they should not be separated or used individually.


•    The Australian Power Institute (API) logo must always appear in colour, white or black.
•    The API colour logo is made up of primary API colours.
•    API logo is available in PNG or JPG.
•    The logo can also be placed on a black background.

API Logo NEW 21 Nov 2022.png
API Logo White.png
API Logo NEW 28 June 2022.jpg
Exec Insights banner logo 17Oct2022.jpg

Our primary brand colours are blue, orange, red, grey and black. They are used to provide accessibility (AAA), simplicity, and consistency throughout all brand communications.

API Brand Colours (1).png
Tag Line

We use our tagline whenever we are demonstrating our brand promise ‘Developing the power sector workforce for our future.’ This means there are also some occasions where we may not need to use the tagline.

Tagline Banner.jpg
API Wufoo Logo 25May2022.png
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